Wool Specifications

You can submit your wool clip information to Arcadian by filling in the online specifications form below. To generate a printable report of the entered information press the "Print Own Copy" button.

Press the "Send to Arcadian Wool" button to instantly send the entered information directly to Arcadian Wool. You'll find both buttons at the very bottom of this page.

Wool Specifications Form

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Wool Receival Centre: Lara (Forest Road)        Portland (Cashmore Road)
Special Instructions

(Better Choices, SustainaWOOL etc.)

Do you want a DMFR rating on some or all lines of Merino wool?

(if you choose "yes" you will be taken to a secondary form to enter DMFR data after you submit this Wool Specs form)


Where appropriate Arcadian will test lines for length and strength.
Lines of the same description may be lotted together at broker’s discretion unless otherwise specified

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